I Wanderlust-ed


Wanderlust,  a Spiritual Marathon and celebration of mindful living.  Or is it just a bunch of people taking pictures in spandex? Apparently, in my social media algorithm, Yoga is in.

What I am saying is Facebook got me.  I don’t know just what I googled or what I read on a daily basis but apparently is interpreted me a Basic Bitch.  OK, now that I think about it yes I do. I’m pretty sure it’s my constant searching for the best natural way to calm an anxious mind, or just how many times I say “yoga” in a day – which as we all know is probably more then I do it.  Whatever it was I could see that I fell into this millennial category of suckers to pay to exercise outside.  The tickets promised World-class speakers and teachers to guide us to a day of challenge which they did actually provide. A 5K run in Golden Gate Park, Yoga class, meditation and self- reflection.  I clearly needed this because I started this event on a bed of lies,

Buying the ticket was easier than the actual making the effort of just showing up, of course. My only training was carbing, probably for many weeks up until the night before the race.  However, I didn’t any trouble telling people that I was training for a marathon. Man, does that feel good! Better then exercising, I’d say! They didn’t have to know that it was only a 5K or that I walked A LOT of it? No…

What I didn’t know was that I was paying for was a good ol’ reflection of our society today as well. I couldn’t help but notice the desire to capture the moment, instead of being in it even though it was marketed to people that have tattoos of “Be Present”. We filled out surveys in a rush and entered old emails, again and again in lines to get the next free product that we really didn’t need.  All tables promising the next big thing that will make you happier and healthier.  A lot of “Brunch So Hard” shirts coupled with Insta posts of #enlightenment.

There is something about being around a lot of people within the idea that we can strive for our own betterment, together. BUT because its hard, we have to be incentivized to do so. This is why Wanderlust was born.

I realized very quickly that I was one of them because I too was there for the free shit and promise of those thumbs up. I was glad that I got brought my camera along to capture these people all having the same intention To be better… and I can’t hate on that.

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