Food Trucks!

Photographing food is something that I am recently been trying to get in to and I have found it more challenging then I thought. Almost as hard as good event photography which is my biggest fear. The two types of photography that I fear the most and then combined, equals having to make people look good while eating.  Which is why I was nervous and excited to get to shoot for some events for SacToMoFo what puts on food truck events in Sacramento.  I jumped at the chance to photograph, eat all the things and face my fear of event photography.

I realized as I went to these food trucks events that this was a great way are and get to choose from lots of different edible traditions.  The smells and happy faces surrounded by colorful food trucks have become new hangouts in urban areas.  I think it’s a great way to refurbish our unused public spots and create more opportunities for small business to feed our communities. Each one doing some version of their comfort food inspired by all over and gathering to be reminded of what exactly is important; Friends, food, and frolicking in the sun.

The photos didn’t come out bad too ; )

Hope you enjoy,


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